Save Women's Sports

Biological differences between men and women are undeniable
, impacting strength, speed, and agility.  Allowing biological men to compete in women's sports puts female athletes at a significant disadvantage, jeopardizing their hard-earned achievements and undermining the essence of fair competition.

Women have fought tirelessly for recognition and equal opportunities in sports.  Allowing biological men to compete in women's categories not only disregards these efforts, but also threatens to erase the progress made towards gender equality in sports.  It's essential to preserve the integrity of women's sports, ensuring that female athletes have a level playing field to showcase their talents and dedication.

Being forced to defend their biological sex undermines the autonomy of women athletes.  It isolates, erodes confidence, and impacts both performance and well-being in the sporting community.

By signing this petition, you stand for fairness, respect, and equality in sports.  Your support sends a clear message that women deserve the right to compete against athletes of their own biological sex, safeguarding the legacy of female athleticism and empowering future generations of women to excel in sports without discrimination.

Join us in upholding international values of fairness and equality in sports. Together, we can ensure that female athletes have the opportunities they deserve to compete and succeed on their own terms.

Sign this petition to:

  • Keep female sports female.
  • Preserve the integrity of women's sports by maintaining separate categories for biological men and women.
  • Uphold fairness and respect for female athletes by ensuring they compete on a level playing field.
  • Protect the hard-earned achievements of female athletes from being overshadowed by biological advantages.
  • Safeguard progress towards gender equality in sports by acknowledging and respecting biological differences between men and women.
  • Empower future generations of women athletes to excel without discrimination by signing the petition to keep female sports female.


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