About us

Canada, Strong and Proud.

At Proud to Be Canadian we are, as you can imagine, proud to be Canadians.  Some of us come from families that have been in Canada since before it was Canada, others came here as recent immigrants.  We are all living the Canadian dream.

As grassroots Canadians we love our country, but we don't always think it is heading in the right direction.  When that happens we will speak out in favour of course corrections. We believe that Canadians should be proud of our past.  We were not perfect in the past, but we were usually at the leading edge of making the world better, more prosperous, more equal, more moral and more noble.

We are proud of those accomplishments and we don't measure the Canadians of the past with today's values.

We are determined to learn from the mistakes of the past and not repeat those.  All types of mistakes, whether made by Canadians or others.  Especially the mistakes of chasing utopian totalitarian visions that trampled people's rights, and destroyed their lives. 

We also believe that Canada should be strong.  A strong Canada recognizes and values diversity, be it the diversity of our citizens or the diversity of our provinces and their unique ways of looking for solutions that improve the lives of Canadians.  We will speak up for a strong Canada, which is always strengthened by accepting that different parts of our country have different attitudes, but that we are all strengthened when we respect each other and agree to work together for our common prosperity.

We hope you enjoy our efforts at making Canada stronger and giving you ever more reason to be proud of Canada.