Say NO to Trudeau's car ban


Are you looking forward to your electric car dying in a -30°C blizzard, because Justin Trudeau banned all cars that runs on gas?

Electric cars have potential -- but also many serious problems, such as:

  • The risk of dangerous battery fires
  • The environmental costs of mining lithium, cobalt, and other exotic materials
  • Massive problems with child labour and other human rights abuses in the countries that produce those materials
  • The fact that the batteries quickly lose charge and fail in our cold Canadian winters

In spite of all this, Prime Minister Trudeau and Environment Minister "Uneven" Steven Guilbeault are trying to push through a plan to ban the sale of all gasoline cars by 2035.  And their own documents show this scheme will cost Canadians over $99 billion from higher electric bills, needing to install home charging stations, and increased taxes!

Please sign our petition to stop this terrible idea, before it causes massive hardship and danger for millions of Canadians.

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Will you sign?