Save Our Democracy. Tell Elections Canada to Investigate.

CSIS has confirmed: the Chinese Communist Party interfered in Canada's recent elections.  Their goal: to make sure the Liberal Party of Justin Trudeau was re-elected, and defeat key Conservative MPs who criticized their government.

The Chinese government has a lot to gain from manipulating the Canadian government.  For example, blocking the export of Canada's clean liquid natural gas (LNG) means more demand for China's polluting coal.  And if they can get us to ban gasoline-powered cars, then Canada will have to rely on China for the minerals required to make batteries for electric cars.

A weaker Canada means a stronger Communist China.  And right now our Liberal government seems to be okay with Xi Jinping bullying Canadian voters like you.

We can't let this stand.  Canadians need to know our elections have integrity.  Our entire democracy is at stake.

Please use the form below to send a message to Elections Canada, the Commissioner of Canada Elections, and your MP.  Tell them to use their authority to to fully investigate this threat, and file criminal charges against those responsible, and any Canadian officials who were complicit.

(Your postal code will be used to identify your MP.  Feel free to customize the letter with your own words -- it will make your letter have a bigger impact -- but make sure to keep your comments civil.  Please only click "Submit" once.)