Cancel Canada Day? No way!

Canada Day should be a day of unity and pride for all Canadians.  But in recent years, we’ve seen activists across the country try to cancel this day of celebration, or turn them into something that's more like a funeral than a national holiday.

For example, this year Winnipeg has renamed their Canada Day event to just "New Day," whatever that means.  (No fireworks, either.)

Canada is not perfect -- no country is.  But we are among the best countries on Earth.  We have made huge strides toward treating all the various cultures, ethnicities, and faiths that live, work, and play here with respect, dignity, and equality under the law.  People from all over the world know this, and that's why new Canadians move here, seeking a better life.

Will you join us, and say "NO" to the cancel culture mob?  Will you stand up for Canada's heritage, symbols, and culture, acknowledging the bad while still celebrating all the good?

Will you sign?