Tell the House: Keep the Senate's C-11 Amendments

Over the last several months, concerned Canadians sent over 27,000 e-mails to Canadian Senators, urging them to stop Bill C-11 from censoring the Internet and doing serious damage to Canadian content creators in the process.  Well, it worked!  Under pressure from Canadians like you, the Senate has made some important amendments that reduce the harm this bill would cause.

But now, the bill is going back to the House of Commons, which will have to choose whether to accept the Senate amendments, or try to undo them.

Please use this form to write to Prime Minister Trudeau, Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, and your MP, telling them to keep the Senate amendments and preserve the livelihoods of Canadian content creators.  Or better yet: scrap this bill altogether.

(Your postal code will be used to identify your MP, whose name will replace "[MEMBERNAME]" below.  Feel free to customize the letter with your own words -- adding your own personal touch will make your letter have a bigger impact.  Please only click "Submit" once.)