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Are you tired of a government in Ottawa that's willing to let Canadians freeze in the dark and kill thousands of jobs, just to push their radical ideology?  And are you sick of eco-extremists who want to trample your rights and don't want you to have any voice at all?  

Well, Proud to Be Canadian is fighting for YOU!

In 2024, Canada is facing challenges on all fronts -- including Bill C-372, which tries to ban speaking the truth about Canada's best-in-the-world energy.  That's why we're working overtime to present the facts to our fellow citizens, from coast to coast to coast.

We're supported by over 260,000 Canadians, and growing.  Our network's viral videos & infographics are seen by almost 10 million Canadians each week, and politicians are being forced to take notice.

But we can't keep up this level of success -- or increase it -- without your help.  We need even more people to learn the truth.

Everything we do is financed by donations from everyday Canadians like you.  Please make a contribution to help us:

  • Your gift of $24 will allow another 4,800 Canadians to learn the facts.
  • Giving $60 will reach 12,000 people.
  • And your contribution of $180 will help spread the truth to 36,000 of your fellow Canadians!

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